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30 March 2010

IT0240 Induction Cooker, Kicthen Queen

Model:- KQ929 Two Zone Built in Intelligent Digital Dual Stove
Market Price : RM 3,198.00
Selling Price: RM 2,000.00 Warranty 3 years.
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Product details:-
• Different fire power choices, six different fixed temperatures, which can satisfy different cooking requirements.
• 10 hours time setting and 24 hours time pre-setting
• Environmental friendly, No flame, smoke and pollution, No noise, exhaust gas and radiation,
• Safety. High realiability . No danger of fire and explosion .No danger of poisoning.

1. Quick and Economic
KITCHEN QUEEN induction cooker produce heat directly to the vessels and the heating efficiency can achieve as high as above 93%, which is double of that of common cookers. Fuel costs can be saved 30% to 50%. Strong and fast heating power output. Quick heating and response. Its cooking time is 1/3 less than common cookers.

2. Safety
If it can not find any ferromagnetic objects on it, of which the diameter is more than 8cm, it will not produce any heating power and automatically cut off electricity power within 1 minutes. Non-fire cooking can reduce burning and fire disaster. All of them conform to international safety standard. KITCHEN QUEEN induction cooker will only start after pressed two different buttons. The possibilities of unconscious start of the cooker are very low.

3.Clear & Comfortable
Heating power will directly deliver to the vessels, and will not be divergent. The temperature of kitchen will stay low, which keep chef clean and conformable. Need not burn the air, which reduce the production of fume, tar and other harmful gas. Induction cooker temperature is 50% lower than that of common cookers during cooking. The cooker is not hot.

4.Clean & Easy Operation
Flat board design, is suitable for open kitchen and fashionable home. Fume and tar is decreased. The kitchen stay away from smoke and fume, vessels and walls will not have oil stains on them . It will become clean again after being simply cleared by a wet cloth. Functions of different temperature setting, time setting, and time pre-setting to turn off the induction cooker can facilitate your operation.

5.Healthy Cooking, Healthy Eating
KITCHEN QUEEN induction cooker make vessels bottom equally heated, so it costs less oil. Heating power is delivered to food quickly and the water in food is locked, which makes food fresh and healthy. KITCHEN QUEEN induction cooker greatly reduces fume, tar and other harmful gas, which minimum the harm to respiratory system. Healthy and safe