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18 August 2011

IT0301 Ipad, Iphone Waterproof Case

Color - Black

IPad Waterproof Case - RM135 (free delivery)

Color:- Yellow, Blue, White

IPhone Case:- RM45 (Free Delivery)

IT0300 Trendz Waist Pack

Color:- Black, Yellow&Black

RM88 (free delivery)

IT0299 Backpack Premium 30L and 40L

Color:- Yellow & Black

Backpack 30L - RM214

Backpack 40L - RM252

Free Delivery.

17 May 2011

IT0296 Dry Bag Tube


- Special light TPU material used (Lighter than PVC Mesh)

- Lightweight, durable and foldable

- Floats safely if dropped in water

- Class 3 waterproof floats on water

- Good quality bags are weld seam

- Adjustable and removable shoulder strap with D-ring

- Adjustable roll closure for height of the bag

05L - RM44 (Black, yellow)

Height: 30CM
Diameter: 18CM

10L - RM58 (Orange)

Height: 49CM
Diameter: 18CM

15L - RM63 (Black)

Height: 45CM
Diameter: 22CM

20L - RM68 (Yellow, Orange, Red)

Height: 60CM
Diameter: 23CM

30L - RM98 (Green, Orange)

Height: 76CM
Diameter: 24CM

Free Delivery

IT0295 Trendz Waterproof Dry Pouch (New)

Trendz Waterproof Waist Pouch

Trendz waterproof handy roll top closure with hook, durable and trendy pouch suitable for all kind of water sports such as rafting, fishing, kayaking, hiking, and cycling. It keeps your gadgets like mobile phone, wallets, car keys, cash and other small valuables dry and safe.

- 100% waterproof with quick submersion (Class 3)

- Made of durable materials

- Comes with hook and handy roll top closure

- Snap/hang to your belt or bag for easy portability

- Will floats if dropped in water

- Light weight and easy to store

- Keeps out of sand, dust and dirt

Colour Available: Orange and Black

Size Guide: Sealed Bag

Height: 20 CM

Width: 12 CM

RM53 (Free Delivery)

03 May 2011

IT0294 PS3 DVD Game

Beat Sketch Game (Japan Languange)
RM25 (including post)

PS3 Game
Call of Duty 3
RM50 (including post) - SOLD

12 June 2010

IT0253 Bio Aura by Remy 012-2748283

Perfect Solutions for your needs
- content high energy
- theraphy effect
- perfect water quality
Call me Now for Bio Aura
Remy 012-2748283

30 March 2010

IT0240 Induction Cooker, Kicthen Queen

Model:- KQ929 Two Zone Built in Intelligent Digital Dual Stove
Market Price : RM 3,198.00
Selling Price: RM 2,000.00 Warranty 3 years.
See product details at:-
Product details:-
• Different fire power choices, six different fixed temperatures, which can satisfy different cooking requirements.
• 10 hours time setting and 24 hours time pre-setting
• Environmental friendly, No flame, smoke and pollution, No noise, exhaust gas and radiation,
• Safety. High realiability . No danger of fire and explosion .No danger of poisoning.

1. Quick and Economic
KITCHEN QUEEN induction cooker produce heat directly to the vessels and the heating efficiency can achieve as high as above 93%, which is double of that of common cookers. Fuel costs can be saved 30% to 50%. Strong and fast heating power output. Quick heating and response. Its cooking time is 1/3 less than common cookers.

2. Safety
If it can not find any ferromagnetic objects on it, of which the diameter is more than 8cm, it will not produce any heating power and automatically cut off electricity power within 1 minutes. Non-fire cooking can reduce burning and fire disaster. All of them conform to international safety standard. KITCHEN QUEEN induction cooker will only start after pressed two different buttons. The possibilities of unconscious start of the cooker are very low.

3.Clear & Comfortable
Heating power will directly deliver to the vessels, and will not be divergent. The temperature of kitchen will stay low, which keep chef clean and conformable. Need not burn the air, which reduce the production of fume, tar and other harmful gas. Induction cooker temperature is 50% lower than that of common cookers during cooking. The cooker is not hot.

4.Clean & Easy Operation
Flat board design, is suitable for open kitchen and fashionable home. Fume and tar is decreased. The kitchen stay away from smoke and fume, vessels and walls will not have oil stains on them . It will become clean again after being simply cleared by a wet cloth. Functions of different temperature setting, time setting, and time pre-setting to turn off the induction cooker can facilitate your operation.

5.Healthy Cooking, Healthy Eating
KITCHEN QUEEN induction cooker make vessels bottom equally heated, so it costs less oil. Heating power is delivered to food quickly and the water in food is locked, which makes food fresh and healthy. KITCHEN QUEEN induction cooker greatly reduces fume, tar and other harmful gas, which minimum the harm to respiratory system. Healthy and safe

IT0239 Hydrofilter Vacuum Cleaning System

Model :- FZ810
Market Price : RM 2,898
Selling Price : RM 1,500 (3 years Waranty)

Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner
The new Freshzone vacuum cleaning system use water to trap dirty and retain it in the water. Traditional paper bags vacuum cleaner gets clogged up easily however water based vacuum cleaner with its 100% airflow ensure system efficiency and effectiveness.

Dry and Wet Cleaning:
Whether it is soil, dust or spilled drinks, freshzone hydrofilter vacuum cleaning system does it job efficiently . Remove organic soil and dirty from clogged sink. Just slip the pipe into the drain you will be amaze at the result. No Need for a plumber.

Easy Maintenance:
Just simply replace the dirty water in the tank. No dirty and dusty paper bags to dispose off.

Hydro Filter Vacuum Cleaning system:
Cleans air, no need for expensive and unhygienic dust bag, no suction loss with more power and consistent. Trap 99.99% of all unwanted particles right down to 0.3 microns. Benefit children and adult that are allergic to dust with the latest technology with HEPA filter
3 years warranty, New, still in box